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Shattered Elegance

Jennifer Constantino's Family Tree

Jennifer Constantino's Family Tree

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Hand-painted tree inspired by Oak trees, found common in Germany. Corners of Italian tiles hand-painted and inspired by the art of Capodimonte, Italy. Tiles of border inspired by the art and tiles of City of Luynes in the Loire Valley in France.

Each name is meticulously hand-lettered to ensure variance with each name and each discretionary ligature would show variation within, just like the family members contained within this list.

Careful attention to detail was paid to each person’s name and spelling in addition to not giving priority of one over another. Multiple attempts were made until the perfect “sky” and watercolor wash was achieved to ensure perfect gradient backdrop.

Attention was also paid to ensure legibility of the lettering with a slight touch of white added to the top of the calligraphy as a final nuance.

Files available upon payment and are ready for print. Framed print also made available on site separate with the ability to be deliverable to anyone. Links will also be sent to Jennifer for other print websites to enable her to select any print service.

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