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Step into my world. Shattered Elegance is the home of Jarrod Vandenberg; freelance graphic designer, artist and creative. This online shop, portfolio showcase and resource hub is intended to be a place not only for me to flex my creative, but for all creatives. I'm a firm believer in Community Over Competition; there's more than enough for all of us. I'm always adding more and updating, so please visit often and come back.

As for now and with alacrity I ask you, take a step inside...You won't believe your eyes. There's countless things to see, endless possibilities, fantasies and where conviviality abounds. I welcome you to my corner of the internet; expect the unexpected.

- Jarrod Vandenberg

  • Outlander

    STARS Network

    Calligraphic design of "Bruadarach" meaning "Dreamer" or "Visionary" created for products.

  • Courage The Cowardly Dog

    Cartoon Network

    Illustrative work done featuring their beloved franchise and one of my childhood heroes.

    Cartoon Network 
  • The Last Unicorn

    The Last Unicorn

    The classic and timeless movie and story, illustrative work done for one of my childhood staples and classics.

    View The Design 
  • Penny Dreadful


    For the spooky yet provocatively intelligent TV series, a raven and calligraphic pen an ink illustrative work.

    Penny Dreadful 
  • Star Trek

    Officially licensed watercolor and calligraphy work for CBS and Star Trek.

    Star Trek (CBS) 
  • Guitar Girl Magazine

    Guitar Girl Magazine

    Full and complete re-branding project done for Guitar Girl Magazine; a total revamp in aesthetic.

    Guitar Girl Magazine 
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100% Freelance

I am a freelancer. What does that mean? It means every purchase means the world. I create everything by hand. I pour my heart, art and soul into every creation on my site and take pride in them. You're buying from a real person, small business and artist here and it's deeply felt and appreciated. You can learn more about me here if you're curious or see my body of work.

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Gay and LGBTQ+ Prints

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, these artwork prints are a showcase of that and everything but boring.

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Watercolor Prints:

Meticulously detailed watercolor artworks prints are giclée, archival quality and perfect for any space.

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Handmade Watercolor Paint

Shop my artist-grade, truly unique handmade watercolor paints, available exclusively and only in my Etsy Shop! These hand-crafted watercolor paints are painstakingly made batch-by-batch, by hand and are of the highest quality. I not only proudly sell them, I use them in my own work! From color-shifting, neon, glittering, holographic, watercolor made from gemstones to changing color in the light, there's always something unique and weird. Include my FreakInks© inks, there's an art supply for the most eclectic and eccentric artist.

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