Accepting Commissions

I am currently open and accepting commissions!

I love and thrive on creating, painting and making things for others. When accepting a commissioned piece, there's a few factors to keep in mind and that's why this page exists, to keep everything easy, understandable and readable on your own time. If you're interested in commissioning me for a traditional art piece or art piece in general, please read on and contact me here when you're done!

  • Drafts/Sketches to Final Piece

Everyone is different and their needs fluctuate depending on the piece(s) they need. But the creative workflow is normally the same. I'll either ask or send a questionnaire and need reference(s) photo(s) and once everything has come in on my end, the more I know, can clarify and have, the better I can do my job, I begin drafting/sketching "roughs" or "thumbnails". These are my guides to the final piece. I'll then work towards the final piece. Once the final piece, if traditional art, such as a watercolor, is finished, it's prepared, packaged and shipped to the client (you) as soon as the remainder is paid.

  • Deposit Required

I generally work on a fixed-price term and I require a deposit of 50% of the projected cost due prior to beginning. This covers time, supplies, effort and risk prior to beginning the piece; These are nonrefundable.

  • Rights to the Piece

You own the piece, hands down. There's no question of that, but what gets confusing with copyright law is the rights to reproduce the artwork for commercial use/sale; I retain those, unless you'd like to purchase those as well for an additional cost. Normally (literally never) do I use client work for commercial use, especially if it's family or something related to that; that's just bad manners and poor taste. But if you'd like to, it's an option if you'd like to print them on T-shirts, make additional prints to sell, stickers and sell them. I do though retain the right to showcase the work in my portfolio, if I so choose to do so. I will be sharing the process on social media as well for others to see.

  • Kill Fee

This is a mandatory fee in case the project is cancelled midway. The kill fee is the remaining 50% of the project cost after the initial deposit, equally 100% of project cost, if cancelled after 24 hours after deposit has been paid and work has been begun.

  • Payment and Piece/File Submission

Deposit and final payment is rendered on my website, proudly secured by Stripe. If the piece is traditional and a physical piece, I will immediately send your piece to you 1-3 business days from the moment the payment is processed. If it's a digital piece, you'll be able to download your files immediately after the final payment is rendered.

I do not accept direct payments. I do not accept checks. I do not accept any payment off-site. All payments are processed on my website. My website is proudly secured by Stripe and hosted by Shopify, so if you're not comfortable with this, please look into hiring me on UpWork.

  • Contact with Questions or Inquiries

You can always reach out and contact me if you have a commission you'd like me to accomplish or any questions! I'm an open book and would love to converse with you! Commissions I accept are Watercolor (physical and digital), Digital Paintings, Logo/Branding, Graphic Design and Font/Calligraphic Work.





    • Examples of work:
    Please visit my portfolio to view my body of work.

      © Watercolor Painting by Jarrod Vandenberg of

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      © Watercolor Painting by Jarrod Vandenberg of