2023 Creative's Gift Guide with Shattered Elegance

2023 Creative's Gift Guide with Shattered Elegance

Deck the halls with plenty of creative ideas, inspiration and far too many supplies. Yes, I've finally admitting that collecting creative supplies is a different thing than actually using them, but this isn't the time to call the meeting to talk about that, it's the time to feed the need for it...The meeting comes later in the year. This is a comprehensive guide I've spent literally all year researching and coming up with ideas, testing things out and trying to find recommendations for some of the most innovative, fun and different things to gift this year for the creative (or yourself...) this holiday season. This list is in no particular order.
It's full of handmade, new technology, shameless plugs and a bunch more. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to me and I've got you covered. I'm extremely proud of how long I took to research everything and hours I spent ensuring the companies, people and shops within this to make sure I'm recommend excellent items with reliable people behind them. Integrity means the world to me and this year it means more than ever. I wish you all the good tidings and joy this holiday gift giving season and may it be merrier than before. Let's get right into it.
Let It Snow

Emma Lefebvre X Craftamo

Brushes and Watercolor

Emma Lefebvre Brushes
If you're not subscribed to Emma's channel on YouTube, I HIGHLY recommend it. She's just so sweet, real and genuine. Her tutorials are easy to follow along with informative. Her brush set isn't just for florals, it's just an excellent brush set. The rose gold touches along with bristles make it an aesthetically pleasing addition and the "snap" is also nice as a feedback when you paint. The paint is surprisingly great quality too. Craftamo is doing a really good job at working with real people and content creators to bring their visions to life. They have cruelty-free, eco-friendly art supplies and just a good company all around.

Check Out Emma's Brushes | Craftamo

Let It Snow!!!

Ferris Wheel Press

Exquisite Premium Inks

Ferris Wheel Press Christmas Inks
If you've never heard of Ferris Wheel Press, well, allow me to make the introduction to the best. There's nothing like them. Their packaging is unbelievable and when you finally get to the ink, it's premium. It's not just for calligraphers, artists can find so many applications for it as well. I can't recommend it enough. My favorite is Adventurine.

Check Out Ferris Wheel Press

Snow Time!

Handmade Watercolor Grab Bag

My Own 10 Random Handmade Watercolor Paints

Handmade Watercolor Grab Bag
Shameless plug and for absolutely good reason; I am EXTREMELY proud of my handmade watercolor paints and even more proud of my Random Handmade Watercolor Grab Bag available only in my Etsy Shop. You get 10 random half-pans of handmade watercolor paints and I spent months making each batch with hundreds of individual paints. Some from gemstones, botanicals, pigment combinations, color shifting iterations, sparkling variants, granulating paints and much more. I am truly proud and hype about the variety I offer with these and with 100's of different paint possibilities, I am confident you'll get more than one you'll absolutely adore. This is perfect for the person (or yourself) who's a watercolor artist and wants to be spoiled with something as a gift or stocking stuffer that's unique, handmade and has lasting potential for the rest of the year fun. There's a limited supply of these, so grab yours while they last; I already sold out once and it took me almost 8 months to make enough to stock for this year! Deadline to order is December 15th to make sure you get it in time for Christmas.

Check out the Watercolor Grab Bags

Let it snow!

Masha's Watercolors

Handmade Granulating Watercolors

For the granulation lover's out there, give these a try. Along with her paints, come the plethora of handmade goodies from palettes to little pans, there's something unique for the watercolor artist in your life here. This shop is excellent to keep on the radar.

Check out Masha's Watercolors

Time for all that snow!


Creative Italian Foodie Gifts

Didn't think I was going to forget the creative who works with food as a medium, did you? For those who are creative in the kitchen, you have got to try Giadzy. Giada curates everything that goes into this site and her taste, coupled with the Italian nom noms that they have on offer are out of this world. Their Sicilian Organic Oregano is truly delicious and makes the difference of night and day when you cook; as does everything. I cannot wax poetic enough about how good the food is and ingredients you can order. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed. It's so well packed with such beautiful boxes, it's literally gift-giving ready the moment it comes in the mail.

Check out Giadzy

Snow time on Shattered Elegance


Metal Decorative Wall Art

Displate Metal Wall Print

If you haven't heard of Displate, you're missing out. They're not your typical metal wall art, they're something else entirely. They're premium and dynamite. The quality, feel and sheer level of customer service is second to none. My own shop has over 100 Displates of my artwork and buying one directly supports me as a small artist.

Check out Displate

Snow-Filled time at Shattered Elegance


Creative American-Owned Gemstone Jewelry

JTV Fine Jewelry

JTV is an American-based company that's been going strong for years. I can't tell you how excellent they are from customer service to shipping. Their stretch-pay options are dynamic and selection of creative jewelry and gems are amazing. Even their YouTube channel has a TON of information about gemstones you'll find informative and fun to watch. Sometimes, with all the creating we do, we forget to spoil ourselves and those around us; if you use this special link or purchasing through the Call Center with this special code (7MCNWJW0D4), you will receive $25 off a purchase of $49 or more, and I'll receive $25 in Brilliant Cash. It's a win-win for both of us!

Check Out JTV

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Piercing Charts

The Original Ear and Facial Piercing Charts

Facial Piercing Charts ©

This might be a shameless plug, but I'm damn proud of this one. My well researched Ear Piercing Charts and Facial Piercing Charts, perfect for professional piercers and parlors and piercing enthusiasts alike are a different and fun gift. Printed on giclée, high quality archival paper and premium prints, it's something I'm truly proud of. Months of research went into the creation of both the Ear Piercing Charts and Facial Piercing Charts and both are on offer in my shop. It's a modern gift that's practical as well.

Browse them in my Site's Shop

Check Them out in my Etsy Shop


Boogie Board

Endless Note Taker

Boogie Board

Hear me out; I promise you're not going to be disappointed on this one. I got one of these as a gift (a Jot) a few years ago and I have used this more times than I can count. It's seriously one of the most useful items I own. Write whatever you want, bring it with you and once you're done, press the button and it's gone. I cannot tell you how many times this thing has saved me when I couldn't find a scrap piece of paper or pen laying around. I adore mine and cannot recommend it more. It's best pad and comes in clutch.

Shop the Boogie Boards

Getting Colder!

Kristy Rice

Art for Joy (and you'll find it)

Kristy Rice

I cannot wax poetic enough about Kristy Rice. I just adore the woman. Her style, her smile and her overall joy is infectious. Her YouTube channel, which if you haven't seen or subscribed, PLEASE do immediately, if not sooner, is filled with fun stuff from tutorials to content that breaks all the rules. But her site and shop is filled with joy as well. Her brushes are a thing of beauty. And this Keychain is also a must have stocking stuffer for literally any creative. There's so much she has in her shop and recommendations for watercolor artists on her channel, you can't go wrong.

Shop Kristy Rice | Her Site

The Keychain | The Brushes

So Much Snow!


Koi Paper DIY Lanterns

Koi Lantern DIY Kit

These are fantastical magic incarnate. A mix of creative, fun, magic and artistry all in one. The world-celebrated artist Yuumei has the Koi Lantern DIY Kit on offer and they are absolutely stunning. With such a wide variety of options, it's the perfect small business and truly unique item(s) to buy that will blow away anyone in your life.

Check Them Out

Embrace the snow!

2023 Creative Gift Guide and Ideas


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